The company offers a carrot Greenwill highest quality, using seeds from leading manufacturers such as: Bejo, Rijk Zwaan, Nunhems.

Preparation of the soil is the most important factor in the production of carrot.
Depending on the type of substrate and the content of individual components, apply fertilizer based on soil analysis.
After harvesting, which takes place at the turn of September and October, carrots from our fields enters the appropriate vegetable storage chamber, and then passes through the production line.
Modern storage Greenwill able to accommodate more than 5,000 tons of carrots. Lines for the selection and processing with electronic control can achieve the quality of even the most demanding customers of quality and quantity.
Total 100 grams of carrots every day, enough to meet the daily requirement for vitamin A. Carrots contain a lot of vitamins B1, B2, PP, KK, and it is composed as calcium, potassium, iron, copper, phosphorus and iodine.