Greenwill is a producer of vegetables, located in the Nikolayev region, the South of Ukraine. Each team member has many years of experience in the production of vegetables.

Our vegetable storage are among the largest in the south of Ukraine, can accommodate more than 10 000 tonnes of fresh vegetables per year.

Greenwill combines experience and cutting-edge solutions. Through this organization, we can offer fresh vegetables all year round.

The control of our products is carried out at each stage of production: from the selection of seeds and ending with the selection of modern packaging.

We guarantee that the vegetables brand Greenwill satisfy the most demanding customers.

Capital firms are appropriately chosen control personnel and qualified employees. With its capacity, they take care of the constant development of the company, the expansion of supply and customer satisfaction.

The aim of the group is to offer Greenwill year-round fresh and clean vegetables with the best flavor, available in a convenient package.